Enterprise Reporting

A suite of reporting tools

Designed to enable you to analyze your sales, traffic, inventory, pricing, advertising and commissions on a real-time basis

Many organizations spend an extraordinary amount of time and energy negotiating reporting requirements among projects and divisions, business analysts and end users. Often times IT groups are unable to provide access to the data until they understand what the users want.

Correspondingly, end users can't explain what they want until they see the data that IT won't release. This standoff results in tension between IT, business analysts and end users, which slows projects down, increases costs and lowers participation.

eCS offers a suite of enterprise reporting tools designed to solve this problem by bringing together key business metrics and statistics in a consistent and logical manner to provide basic business intelligence for your organization. Specific reports are available to provide a corporate wide analysis of sales, visitor traffic, inventory, pricing, productivity, advertising performance and commissions on a real-time basis.

Enterprise Reporting eliminates the stress of bringing together disparate systems and provides the basic information you need to manage a large number of projects in the simplest manner possible.

Product Features

Intuitive interface tying all your project's data together

Easy to generate reports

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