Your inventory is your core resource

Every unit is extremely valuable and needs to be managed and cared for over the lifecycle of the project

The eCS platform offers a broad range of tools to do just that within a graphic framework that visually represents your property. This helps simplify complex relationships between units while providing intuitive insights supporting your efforts to turn data into decisions and maximize the profit from your project.

The inventory management system documents the entire lifecycle of each unit within your property. The status of your inventory is recorded in real-time and dynamically shared across the permitted users within your projects and is instantly available within reports. Property-wide and unit-specific price history reports and graphics complement list view and other visual representations of project information.

The inventory section also includes tools for unique project-specific situations. For example, conversion properties can draw on tools that help complete the transition from lease/rental to ownership.

  • Provides conversion properties with rent vs. buy ratio/analysis for each unit in your inventory.
  • Provides a register of rents including the names of tenants, the amount of rent they pay, lease termination and move out date

Additional inventory tools also exist for single-family homes, unit-based premiums, presales deposits, optioning inventory, upgrades, add-ons and finishes.

Product Features

Granular control over availability and pricing

Interactive data visualization tools

Contract administration and closing tools

Extensive suite of real-time reporting

Track marketing & advertising campaigns

Component level control of commissions and deposits within the price of each unit

Manages add-ons and upgrades

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