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eCondoSystems provides cutting-edge solutions for business success in the new economy, since 2001. Located in South Florida, eCondoSystems has been central to the growth of the industry.

eCondoSystems is designed to improve business productivity by simplifying and automating communication with employees, vendors, and clients using web connectivity.

The salient features of this ERP business tool include optimization of each and every process in the real estate office. It starts right from pre-sales activities and SFA (Sales Force Automation), to inventory control and contract administration touching all aspects of the project's lifecycle.

The system also has provisions to generate a variety of real-time MIS reports including; inventory, sales, marketing, commissions as well as enterprise level reporting. Additionally, it incorporates the provision for user rights allocation based on individual organizational hierarchy.

eCondoSystems' ERP solution is battle proven by some of the industry's leading players, like the Related Group and CondoStore, in both ground-up construction and conversions. One significant attribute of the eCS solution is that all modules were developed after detailed consultations with over 100 developers with real-life experience.

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